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Trust Local Foods Distribution is a project that blossomed out of The Farm Fresh Atlas of Eastern Wisconsin, a nonprofit publication that guides consumers to farms they can purchase direct from and to businesses that sell local organic foods.

Over eight years of organizing the Atlas, Fred & Kathleen Depies discovered the need in our expansive region to get foods produced in rural areas in rurally-encased, highly populated areas.

In the current system, eating locally is simply not easy to do! Conventional grocery store franchises are extremely convenient -- we all use them – but it is well known that local foods are only an exception to the transported foods rule in such venues.

We, Trust Local Foods:

  • are a 100% locally-oriented foods distributor whose idea of expanding is to lessen its scope and truly develop our region using food.
  • are the little bird that flies local products to stores, restaurants, co-ops & buying clubs in our region.
  • are the mediator between food makers and food eaters, relaying useful information between the two so they can better understand the others' capacities and needs.
  • are a valued marketing resource for all producers whose products we carry.
  • will never step foot outside Wisconsin, and will only travel outside our region of Northeast Wisconsin on occasion.

Frederic Depies

Fred Depies & his late wife Kathleen were the founders
of Trust Local Foods. Fred wears many hats and is currently the demo & sampling extraordinaire .

Fred has been on the agricultural scene in northeast Wisconsin
for more than a two decades. He has been a certified grazing planner
and educator for the Natural Resource Conservation Service,
an advisor to the organic program at Northeast Wisconsin
Technical College, and has served on committees for the
annual Fall Food Energy Festival, the New Leaf Cooperative,
and the Lakeshore Natural Resource Partnership.

Fred is also an expert cheese cutter and can trim down a 40lb block of Sharp Cheddar into smaller quantities like it's nobody's business.


Aaron Depies

Aaron Depies is co-owner and head of operations for Trust Local Foods. Previous to coming to Trust Local Foods, Aaron worked at Ariens Company as a powder coat painter and team leader. Aaron has also been involved in the proofing cycles and distribution of the Farm Fresh Atlas of Eastern Wisconsin. He is looking forward to seeing regional farmers and communities grow together in the local foods concept!